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Luxury collections at promotional price. FREE Shipping Worldwide!

RJ45 Network Cable Tester

(47 customer reviews)

14.07 10.75

OULLX RJ45 Network Cable Tester Networking Tool network Repair

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RJ45 Network Cable Tester Network Components Computer Electronics
RJ45 Network Cable Tester

14.07 10.75

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Luxury collections at promotional price. FREE Shipping Worldwide!
Luxury collections at promotional price. FREE Shipping Worldwide!
Luxury collections at promotional price. FREE Shipping Worldwide!

OULLX RJ45 Cable lan tester Network Cable Tester RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 CAT5 UTP LAN Cable Tester Networking Tool network Repair

Test of double-twisted cables: Switch on the power. (S is slow automatic grade, Mis manual.) Put cables into both main tester and remote tester. The lights of the main tester will turn on subsequently form 1 to G.

  • Main tester: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-G
  • Remote tester: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-G RJ45
    1-2-3-4-5-6 RJ11

Following are abnormal connections:

  • If one cable, for example cable NO.3 is open circuited, the two NO.3 lights of the main tester and remote tester will not turn on.
  • If several cables are not connected, several lights will not turn on respectively. If less than two cables are connected, none of the lights is on.
  • If two ends of a cable is disordered, for example NO. 2 and NO. 4, then displays on:
  • Main tester: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-G
  • Remote tester: 1-4-3-2-5-6-7-8-G
  • If two cables are short circuited, neither of the corresponding lights is on of the remote tester while main tester remains unchanged. If three cables, including three, are short circuited, none of the corresponding lights is on.
  • If test patch panels or wall plate outlets, two cables which can match each other (RJ45) will be connected to the tester.
  • If test cables of the same axes, BNC turns on when the cable works.
  • 9V reduplicated battery is used in this tester. Battery is advised to change if any weak light appears.( Battery is not included.)
  • Colour: Black+Orange,Black+Green,White+Green

Note: Production batches may have different colors, Black + Orange, Black + Green, White + Green,We will randomly send the color. If you need to specify the color, please let us know.

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Network cable tester


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47 reviews for RJ45 Network Cable Tester

  1. R***v

    Works well. came quickly

  2. V***v


  3. R***e

    Unfortunately does not work, sent very quickly!

  4. A***h

    Very leather case pleased.

  5. B***e

    Everything works, the quality for this price will come down. The store put it in the cover and dermantin. Trifle, but nice.

  6. G***p

    The product was a month. The Tester without a battery. after the sample, we will add a review. the store is 5 stars

  7. S***n

    The test is packed very well. In the kit there is an instruction and a cover. Be careful, for the tester you need a battery type “crown”. And it is better to immediately insert the crown of good quality (type Duracell) because to dismantle the Crown a little problematic (fear of damaging the wires, etc.). Tester checked one cable twisted pair, everything is fine.

  8. Customer


  9. Sharon Martin

    2 months delivery !!! Very long. Packaged well, free from defects, works. Enjoy your wallet. There is instruction that could have been colored. I am satisfied.

  10. A***y

    Well it works just as expected. The LEDs just indicate you every correctly connected UTP wire, one after another. Quite happy.

  11. E***h

    Quite a working tester. I was satisfied. I recommend!

  12. Customer

    It’s all right. The product corresponds to the description.

  13. K***v

    Asked for light green, sent Green. Ordered 24.01.2020, received 26.02.2020.

  14. Customer

    Product works well. Tester was in case (probably imitation leather or something like that). There were no batteries. But I’m very satisfied with that purchase.

  15. S***z

    Received in St. Petersburg for 2 weeks. Looks very dignified. Power from the Crown, checked-works clearly. It came and a neat case made of leatherette. I think the goods are worth their money.

  16. E***s

    Works. I recommend

  17. H***g

    Top lasted called long but satisfied

  18. V***u

    Everything was received, packed in a cover. Smell from it, put on the balcony, let it weathered))

  19. J***d

    Verry good

  20. D***s

    Everything works, everything is fine. Of the minuses are very cheap plastic, but this compensates for the low price. I recommend!

  21. V***o

    For the House will pull. The body is lame, it is not worth dropping. The ends ring in a circle. The broken end does not marginalize and goes on with a slight delay on the cliff. At the crossroads on each device the corresponding diodes are blinked, on the radio with the partner can be determined. KZ does not show. I recommend the product and the store.

  22. M***n

    Still need testing

  23. D***h

    Performance has not yet been verified. The quality of the Assembly for this money is satisfied.

  24. V***v

    Everything came perfectly, according to the description. The only negative, very long. More than 2 months passed. Stavropol territory Russia. Package: Lan tester. Manual. Handbag. Everything is packed perfectly.

  25. Katherine Perez

    A little broken edge of the tester. And the rest is the whole.

  26. A***o

    The parcel went to Riga (Latvia) 43 days. Not yet checked, but it looks beautiful. The battery is not included, but there is a cover made of soft dermatin.

  27. L***o

    All ok!!!!

  28. L***r

    Works. Diodes are bright, green. Just glue them with a sticker, blind. Czecholchik is attached.

  29. Diana Ray

    First, this thing does exactly as advertised. It’s very simple but works every time. Excellent for finding non-continuity and if the instructions are accurate, shorts between wires. I confirm that it does work by testing both known good cables and bad ones as well. Detects non-contact wires as easy as can be. The only bad thing is the plastic housings are quite cheap feeling and most likely won’t hold up if you just throw it around in a tool bag. That being said, it should last quite a while if treated reasonably well and if it doesn’t, just buy more because they’re so cheap! Highly recommended product. Highly recommended store! 5 stars!

  30. Customer

    The test goes, the LEDs all burn. It came in a combined package for 2 weeks. Very nasty smells, for this minus star. Took for 236.8 rubles

  31. I***v

    Fast delivery to Minsk-34 four days. Of these two weeks lay in Belarus. The item is very good, the LEDs are very bright, + cover. The store performs the desire of what color to send.

  32. V***a

    Good deal without any problems. Highly recommended store. Just such a big drawback, leds are very difficult to see in daylight and artificial light, almost at all. The manufacturer did not think about production. Despite this problem I recommend the seller.

  33. R***y

    Order received in 47 days. The corner is not peeled off, it is unclear. 3 factory cables rang, normal, then one homemade cable, one contact is not, but the multimeter rings. And checked three telephone cables working on the phone, everywhere one contact does not ring. The connector during the calls stirred does not help, thought can be poorly contagious

  34. Jessica Alexander

    Received in 56 days The tester works all right, convenient and easy to use.

  35. K***a

    Works. Complete cover

  36. Z***n

    I haven’t checked yet. Later I will add a review.

  37. P***o


  38. S***s

    Normal work! Price contrast quality nicer.

  39. V***v

    Delivery is fast. Even in the New Year’s fuss. The device works, the main thing is that the battery keeps the norms. More than once I helped 🙂

  40. R***r

    It came quickly, it works, the parcel was tracked.

  41. A***v

    Everything works, let’s see how much it will last in operation

  42. S***n

    6 weeks delivery to New Zealand. Arrived in good condition, works well, great product for the price.

  43. Jacob McCoy

    Checked everything works

  44. P***y

    The tester fulfills its function. Simple and comfortable, I’m completely satisfied. For how long, time will show. I recommend the product and the store.

  45. M***v

    Tester work! As a gift given to cover it. Detail and nice

  46. G***o

    very nice Ethernet tester! it’s working fine and can detect if any wire is connected good. quality is cheap but the price too! work with 9V battery (not included). very good product! recommended store! 🙂

  47. D***c

    Ok for this many.

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Luxury collections at promotional price. FREE Shipping Worldwide!
Luxury collections at promotional price. FREE Shipping Worldwide!
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