5G EDGE – Build Up Your Advantages In The Dawn Of A New Tech Evolution.

On GIGABYTE MWC Online 2020 they have illustrated the key functions and applications that made 5G a highly anticipated technology evolution, and the pivotal role MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) plays in bringing 5G into our lives.

As the world’s population grows and becomes more urbanized, a pressing global need is to improve cities’ resources and operation managements, which can be achieved if they are automated and connected – and this is the premise of a smart city integrated with 5G.

In Gigabyte, there aim is to continuously use our know-how in MEC built with our edge computing products to accelerate the implementation of 5G, therefore realize the prosperity of a smart city.

We’re ready to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities presented by 5G. If you have innovations waiting to be invented, discuss with us to make it happen. – Moving 5G together.



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